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Industrial Partners, Sponsors and Professional Networks

On behalf of the organizing committee and partners, INSTICC has a great pleasure in inviting you to attend the 9th International Conference on Bio-inspired Systems and Signal Processing, part of BIOSTEC, the 9th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies, to be held on 21-23 February, 2016 in Rome, Italy, which is integrated in a set of related events that will gather more than 1200 delegates.

We aim at an extensive and exciting program, to be centered around the theme “Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies”, spanning all areas of interest interlinking biomedical issues, problems and health sector professionals with engineering and technology, promoting research and innovation in interdisciplinary areas including biomedical electronics and devices, bioimaging, bioinformatics, biosignals and health informatics.

BIOSIGNALS 2016 will bring together engineers, computer scientists and world renowned experts and researchers, providing a privileged forum for showcasing your organization to an audience that is highly focused on your field of work. INSTICC offers a set of opportunities designed to support your marketing objectives, including an exhibition and demonstration area, speaker slots, and publishing materials as advertising packs.

To find out more information, select one the items above, or contact us.

Current Industrial Partners:


SCITESOFT provides top-edge software development services tailored to any type of business, from custom programming services to mobile application design. We abide to the highest standards of quality in a cost-effective manner with the concern to increase productivity and a faster development time.


The scope of sbv IMPROVER is the verification of methods and concepts in systems biology research by bringing together the scientific community and harnessing the wisdom of crowds through collaborative challenges. The latest computational challenge aims to verify that gene signatures predictive of exposure status can be extracted from whole blood gene expression data. The challenge provides the unique opportunity for participants to objectively test their methods.

g.tec medical engineering

g.tec medical engineering GmbH is based in Austria with branches in Barcelona and the USA. g.tec developed the first commercially available BCI system in 1999 and now sells this system in more than 60 countries worldwide. The products work with all major BCI approaches (motor imagery, P300, SSVEP and slow cortical potentials). The hardware and software is used for biosignal progressing, rehabilitation for stroke patients and conscious assessment of coma patients so that disabled people are able to communicate again.